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  • Tali J Sayers

The Layers of Human Skin

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Leant about the layers of human skin, face yoga method incorporate and strengthen all 3 layers

The Epidermis: The Outer Skin Layer which is made up of many layers of cells

This is attached to

The Dermis: The middle skin layer which is made up of nerve endings and connective tissue which is composed of collagen and elastin.

This is attached to

The Hypodermis: The lowest layer of the skin and is mainly composed of muscle and fatty tissue.

All 3 layers need to work together for a healthy and youthful appearance. By face yoga the outer skin and muscles are moved as one and therefore this brings strength to the tissue in the middle layer. Face yoga exercises uses movement that engage muscles with resistance in a controlled way, that's why tension and expressions cause lines and wrinkles whereas Face Yoga prevents and reduces wrinkles. It is important though that you leant exercise properly.

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